Marcia Waters - Master of Wine

About Marcia

Marcia has over 25 years experience of buying and selling wines, over half of which were with FTSE 100 listed companies.

This has given her a huge range of skills from blending wines in bulk for supermarkets, to buying investment wines for financial advisors. Her passion has always been for seeking out new, unexpected and invariably great value wines for consumers.

Marcia became a Master of Wine in 1990, then one of only 165 across the world, and still one of only 300 today. Training for that exam and subsequently continuing to taste and compare notes with colleagues gives her the ability to appreciate the finer subtleties of clean, well made wines. She also embarked on a career long devotion to wine education as she fundamentally believes that every one can appreciate wine flavours, and when they trust their own judgement, consumers’ attitudes to wine and drinking can be enhanced dramatically.

Being a Master of Wine brings a holistic perspective to the world of wine and a realisation that you can learn something from everyone involved: from the grape to the table.