Marcia Waters - Master of Wine

Tutored Wine Tastings

Marcia is an engaging speaker with a wealth of experience of running tastings for a wide variety of clients. Events can be formal and educational, informal and entertaining, and any combination in between.

In addition to numerous private events Marcia has conducted tastings amongst others for:
- N M Rothschild
- PepsiCo
- British Aerospace
- Experian
- St James’s Place Partnership
- BP
- Wolfson College, Oxford Alumni
- St Hugh’s College, Oxford Alumni

These interactive and social events are based on a fee for organising and presenting plus a budget for the wines used. Tastings can be conducted at The Oxford Wine School, or at the client’s choice of venue.

Current tastings:

Sense & Sensibility
Feb 2nd
7.30 - 9.00pm Long Crendon £35 per head.
Introduces you to wine tasting techniques by guiding you through a selection of wines chosen from amongst the more familiar grape varieties. The aim is to help you understand some of the language of wine tasting, and give you confidence to select wines for yourself, and help you enjoy them more by trusting and interpreting your senses.

Feb 16th
7.30 - 9.00 Long Crendon £35 per head
This guided tasting is designed to build on the techniques and enjoyment learnt in your first session. Here we are going to compare different quality levels and give you the chance to compare similar wines at different price levels. You will get an understanding of character and elegance and you will start to discover why some wines are medal winners and why some wines are called “fine”.

Pride & Prejudice
Mar 1st
7.30 - 9.00 Long Crendon £35 per head
The range of wines here are selected to open up a world of flavours to you that you may not normally consider. You will develop confidence in your appreciation skills and will be encouraged to experiment. This is a hugely rewarding evening of sensory discovery for a very limited risk.

Please contact me for details and booking.