Marcia Waters - Master of Wine

What is a Master of Wine?

A Master of Wine is someone who has demonstrated, by way of rigorous examination, a thorough knowledge of all aspects of wine and an ability to communicate that knowledge clearly. They actively encourage others in the pursuit of knowledge as well as seeking to bring wine communities together.

The Institute of Masters' of Wine vision is one of knowledge and integrity. Through our members – the international community of 298 Masters of Wine – and our activities, we promote excellence, interaction and learning across all sectors of the global wine community.

The IMW conducts a wine trade examination which leads to the title Master of Wine and our events programme provides professional development and learning opportunities for members of the trade and others with a serious interest in wine.

Marcia says: "We all have different, and often strong opinions on all thing vinous, but the passion is always energising when a group of MWs get together!"

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